DES MOINES — The federal government is launching a campaign to hire thousands of people across Iowa and the nation to help with the 2020 Census.

The bureau’s Sam Fettig urges anyone who’s interested to apply right away. “There may only be a certain number of jobs in any given area, so once those jobs in a certain area are filled, they’re filled,” Fettig says. “So if someone’s interested, the sooner, the better to get that application in.”

Fettig says workers go door-to-door to follow up when someone doesn’t respond to census questions on-line, by phone or on the paper form: “We’re hoping to hire really locally,” he says, “so that when someone comes knocking at your door, it’s someone you know and it’s someone who knows your community.”

Fettig says work hours are flexible and the pay starts at 14-dollars an hour and is in some cases 16 or even 20-dollars an hour.   “For someone even who might have a 9 to 5 job already, it’s a good way to get involved, to help your community, ensure that you have the federal resources and political representation for the next 10 years,” he says.

Fettig says the application review and hiring process will begin in January.  “It’s important that we hire workers who have connections in the community, who already have pre-existing relationships and trust,” he says. “To help bridge those gaps in understanding or to help address concerns, it really helps if we can hire from local communities.”

To apply, visit: