Former Massachusetts governor and Democratic presidential candidate Deval Patrick campaigned in Cedar Rapids on Monday. The Harvard-educated lawyer and private equity executive announced his bid for the White House last week. His entrance is seen as a critique of the already large field of Democrats. Speaking to reporters, Patrick denied that his candidacy is an indictment of other candidates.

“I would not do it if I didn’t think there was still a path,” Patrick says. “I don’t think the electorate is decided, and I say that with due respect to the hard work of the other candidates and the people who have been supporting them.” With his political roots in New England, Patrick is expected to make a go of the New Hampshire primary, but he says he’s planning on running in Iowa, too.

“The other campaigns have been here a long time and they’ve raised a lot more money and made a lot more friends,” he says. “I have to respect the calendar and be realistic about that. But I would not want anyone in Iowa to think I was not respecting Iowans.” With two and a half months until the Iowa Caucuses, Patrick says his campaign here will be “virtual” in some ways, but that he’s looking at office space.

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