Suspended prison sentence for Mason City man accused of credit card fraud

MASON CITY — A Mason City man who pleaded guilty to credit card fraud charges has been given a suspended prison sentence and probation.

29-year-old Wayne Davis was arrested in September and charged in Cerro Gordo County with ongoing criminal conduct and three counts of unauthorized use of credit cards, as well as one count of unauthorized use of a credit card in Franklin County.

A criminal complaint stated Davis was identified by an employee who turned his identification into the authorities, with the Iowa State Patrol conducting a traffic stop on Davis where a credit card skimmer, computer and cards were allegedly seized. The complaint says an examination of those items revealed that Davis was purchasing card numbers on the dark web. A search warrant at Davis’ residence allegedly produced stolen credit cards and a card skimmer.

Davis pleaded guilty to the ongoing criminal conduct count as part of a plea agreement. He was sentenced this week to a 25-year prison term, which was suspended, and was placed on five years probation. He also was ordered to pay $2065 restitution.

Davis pleaded guilty to one count of unauthorized use of a credit card in Franklin County and was sentenced to time served and ordered to pay over $430 in restitution.