DES MOINES — Governor Kim Reynolds says she’s not surprised that former President Donald Trump has been criticizing her for endorsing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Reynolds says the election is not about Trump, it’s about who’s best equipped to turn the country around. “I need somebody that can serve more than eight years,” Reynolds says. “I’m concerned that on day one, President Trump will be a lame duck. Unfortunately, that’s just the way politics works, especially out in Washington, D.C.”

Trump slammed Reynolds Tuesday, calling her the most unpopular governor in America and Trump suggested DeSantis promised Reynolds something in return for her endorsement. During an interview a few hours BEFORE Trump’s latest barbs, Reynolds said her answer to that is absolutely not. “I have not asked for anything. I have not been promised anything,” Reynolds says. “It is not about anything other than…the future of our country and getting it back on track and I need somebody that understands the bureaucracy. I need somebody that on day one can get in there and lead, that can bring new people to the party, that can provide hope and that can serve eight years.”

Trump has accused Reynolds of being disloyal. Reynolds has said Trump can’t win the General Election and she made that case again Tuesday. “We don’t get a redo on this and we have to make sure that we can elect a candidate that can win,” Reynolds says, “…somebody that’s focused on the future and not the past.”

AFTER Trump’s latest slam of her endorsement of DeSantis, Reynolds posted a message on social media calling DeSantis the most effective leader she’s ever seen.