Republicans caucusing statewide as well tonight

MASON CITY —- While most of the attention is on the Democratic Party caucuses in Iowa, Republicans will also be caucusing tonight throughout the state.

Cerro Gordo County Republican Party chair Barb Hovland says there will be three locations where people can go to caucus tonight.  “16 precincts will be at Mason City High School, five will be at Clear Lake High School, and five will be at the Rockwell Community Center.”

Hovland says people will speak on behalf of their candidates and then those in the room will vote for their candidate.  “After they speak, what we do is we pass around some papers, rip them up, you write your candidates name on and then we tally those up, it’s really simple.”

Hovland says caucuses are good not only for choosing a candidate but for talking with people about issues in the community.  It’s so fun to sit with your neighbors, people that you know that live in your neighborhood. Issues that are important to you, if your business owner and he’s got some tax reform issues want to bring up, you can certainly write that down. Social issues are good planks that people like to talk about, whether they’re good or not. If they get added, you know it’s just a process, then you go to county and district and then state convention. It’s really a fun process and it is done in a fun and civil way. As we all know that sometimes politics lately hasn’t been too fun and so this is a way to really get people involved.”

To find where you caucus whether it’s in Cerro Gordo or any of the counties in our listening area, click here