Remember to call 811 before you dig

Iowans who plan to do landscaping that involves digging this past weekend should have called 8-1-1 earlier this week to have their yards marked for underground utilities. Nicole Breitbach, the community affairs manager for Black Hills Energy, says National Safe Digging Day was this past Sunday.

“It’s a day that we are thanking some of our construction crews for always calling 811 and really trying to be safe as they’re working.” Safe Digging Day is held every August 11th as that’s 8-1-1 on the calendar. It’s a way to remind the public about calling 8-1-1 if they plan to do any digging. Besides, it’s the law.

“Even as a homeowner, if you’re setting a fence post or just working in your yard, it’s free to call 811,” Breitbach says. “You can also go online. You can submit a request to have your yard checked out at Iowa One Call or even using the app on your iPhone or Android.” If an underground utility line is hit while you’re digging, it can cause serious injuries, interrupt service to your entire neighborhood, and potentially result in fines and repair costs.

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