CERRO GORDO — A recount of ballots for the West Fork School District bond issue vote three weeks ago confirms that the issue failed to get the required 60% approval to pass. The original vote total was 564 voters approving the measure with 381 voting no. It meant a 59.68% voter approval, but it fell beneath the 60% threshold required for bond issue votes. With the narrow margin, the district requested a recount to verify the results.

Deputy Cerro Gordo County Auditor Tracie Siemers says two ballots did not get picked up by the scanners when processed on election day. “In Cerro Gordo County, precinct Geneseo Dougherty Township, there was one undervote on election day — this was a hand recount — that was found to be a yes vote during the hand recount in Cerro Gordo. In Franklin County, there was one undervote on election day that was found to be cast as a no vote.”

The district had asked for the money to help fund repairs for the HVAC and electrical systems at both their Rockwell and Sheffield campuses, as well as to fund roof repairs, replace water system piping and add a secure entry to their building in Sheffield.

The votes in the Cerro Gordo County-based precincts were recounted last Tuesday with the Franklin County-based precincts being recounted last Wednesday.