DES MOINES — More than two million Iowans are registered to vote in Iowa — a new milestone for this point in an election cycle.

There have never been this many registered voters in Iowa at the beginning of December, heading into a General Election year.

Secretary of State Paul Pate cites a variety of factors, like the new law that lets 17-year-olds register to vote if they’ll be 18 by Election Day next November. He also noted people can register online and victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking can register to vote now and keep their address confidential.

Here’s how the voter registration numbers break out for the political parties:

Democratic Party: 613,899
Republican Party: 640,180
No Party:                743,885
Other:                        16,262

TOTAL:               2,014,226

Independent or “no party” voters are the largest block of voters in three of Iowa’s four congressional districts. Democrats lead Republicans in voter registration totals in the first, second and third congressional districts. In the fourth district, Republicans hold a voter registration edge over both no party and Democratic voters.

The raw vote totals for each congressional district are listed on this map.