DES MOINES — Many people are using the Labor Day holiday as their last getaway of the summer. AAA Iowa’s, Mark Peterson, says you’ll be happy when you gas up. “These are some of the lowest prices we’ve had in two to three years,” according to Peterson. 

He says everything has worked well to keep the prices from going up — including no major summer issues with supply. “Production has remained strong and robust as we are moving along,” Peterson says. 

Peterson says the average cost of a gallon of gas in Iowa is $2.42. “Last year about this time it was $2.75. In 2017, $2.49, so this is kind of a surprise.  You’ll want to take advantage of it now — fill up those tanks — because you never know what can happen,” Peterson says. 

Peterson said it’s a possibility we could see a jump in gas prices in a few weeks with a little end of the summer bump in demand. He says he then expects things to level off or prices could possibly drop.

Peterson says there are some intangibles — like the hurricanes and the situation in the Middle East that could impact prices.  For now he says you can enjoy the lower prices.