WASHINGTON — Iowa Congressman Zach Nunn says former President Trump’s suggestion that he might encourage Russia to attack European allies who don’t fulfill their NATO obligations is akin to President Biden’s decision to end sanctions against Iran.

“When we have a situation where we have a president, sitting or former, that doesn’t stand up to an adversary or threatens our allies, that we are doing a disservice to our own national security right here at home,” Nunn told reporters after a news conference in Des Moines on Monday.

Trump has long criticized NATO allies for relying on the U-S and failing to spend enough on their own defense. This weekend, Trump said if a big European country were delinquent in its NATO obligations, he’d encourage Russia to do whatever it wishes because the U.S. would not protect a country that hadn’t paid its bills. Provoking Russia is “bad behavior,” according to Nunn.

“I think anyone who would threat our allies is doing a disservice to our country,” Nunn said. “…Anyone who’s going to, you know, stash intelligence material in their gargage or in their compound — these are things that people need to be held accountable for. I don’t care if they’re the sitting president or the former president.”

Nunn, a Republican from Bondurant, has served 20 years in the various branches of the military and is currently in the Air Force Reserve.