MASON CITY — North-central Iowa missed out on the heavier snowfall that hit Iowa over the past 24 hours, but near-record cold is expected tonight across our listening area.

National Weather Service meterologist Kurt Kotenberg says you should bundle up if you have to head out tonight. “We’re also going to have a little bit of wind speed so that’s going to bring the wind chills down to anywhere between zero and minus-ten degrees across much of Iowa,” Kotenberg says. “Towards the northern tier of counties, they’ll be in the minus-ten to minus-15 degree range. Not quite wind chill advisory but definitely hat and gloves and try to minimize the amount of time you spend outside.”

Forecasters says another wintery blast is predicted to arrive late Wednesday afternoon and into Thursday morning with the potential to drop another one-to-three inches of snow. Kotenberg says they’re still watching that developing storm to see exactly where the snow will fall and how much.