DES MOINES — A Massachusetts congressman’s appearance at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday marked the conclusion of nearly two dozen presidential candidates speaking at the Des Moines Register’s Political Soap Box.

Forty-year-old Seth Moulton warned the crowd beating President Donald Trump won’t be as easy as Democrats may think.

“What I’m hearing from Americans is that they want people who are willing to stand up to the Washington establishment and not just talk about a new generation of leadership in our country, but actually fight to bring it,” he said.

Moulton highlighted his service as a Marine Corps captain and his ability to lead a diverse group of soldiers. His message of unity, he argued, extends to economic policy.

Seth Moulton eats a pork chop on a stick.

“You’re not evil, if you’re rich. You should aspire to be successful. We’re not pitting rich people against poor people, but we are making sure everyone pays their fair share,” Moulton said.

Moulton referred to his low polling numbers early on in his Massachusetts race and joked about being unknown. Moulton, however, said he is undeterred by his “underdog” status.

“It’s when our values are under attack, that we need to step up and fight for them,” Moulton said. “It’s when our country lets us down, that we need to step up and serve.”

His policy positions include support for the Green New Deal, a national service plan for young Americans and a single payer healthcare system. Moulton got his biggest burst of applause from the audience when he called for President Trump’s impeachment.