DES MOINES — Iowa farmers who need propane to dry their grain, as well as to keep their livestock and homes warm, will soon be seeing relief from the recent shortage of the fuel.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, has approved two pipeline tariff amendments aimed at boosting Midwest propane supplies. Iowa Propane and Gas Association CEO Deb Grooms says the ruling will help provide adequate propane to Iowa customers.

“Enterprise agreed to extend the period for shippers to utilize propane service into the Chicago area that it had previously proposed, and FERC had approved on a temporary, an emergency basis,” Grooms says. “And then the ONEOK offered to make a filing with FERC that would permit shippers to release their pipeline capacity to other shippers on a commercially-negotiated basis.”

Grooms says an extension of an emergency waiver was granted regionally which will help with any transportation issues. “It’s going to help fill up those bulk plants of the propane marketers out there so they can continue to keep serving our customers,” Grooms says. “Also, the regional waiver was extended to January 10th so that will help with the transportation also to get more propane to the state.”

While the corn harvest is very nearly finished in Iowa, and the soybean harvest is complete, Grooms says any additional propane needs for drying crops is now available, along with supplies to help heat homes and livestock barns.