Mitchell County judge rules Osage man had Miranda Rights violated in drug, OWI case, charges dropped

OSAGE — A Miranda Rights violation has led to OWI and drug charges being dropped against an Osage man.

55-year-old William Clayton was pulled over for speeding last March by a Mitchell County sheriff’s deputy. Court records say that the deputy engaged in what was described as “increasingly accusatory and suspicious questioning” until Clayton admitted to using methamphetamine earlier in the day, with Clayton admitting that he possessed meth and turned it over to the deputy.

A judge has now ruled that Clayton was clearly in custody when the deputy started questioning him, but he was not advised of his Miranda Rights, advising him that he had the right to remain silent or he could have an attorney provided to him.

The judge suppressed Clayton’s admission of guilt and the fact he gave meth to the deputy, leading prosecutors to dismiss the charges.