MASON CITY — The City Council in Mason City this week passed the first reading of an ordinance revising sanitary sewer and storm sewer rates.

Mayor Bill Schickel says there won’t be much of a change for residential users, but he says commercial users will see a change in their storm sewer rates. “Right now, we have a flat rate for charges for storm water, it’s about $2.95 a month I do believe. We’re going to convert to what’s known as an equivalent residential unit system where a single-family house, a two-family household, they’ll have the same charge at that equivalent residential unit use, but the larger facilities, the larger commercial properties will now have an increased fee.”

Schickel says it’s only fair that larger businesses are charged a higher fee compared to residential users.  “The reason for that, we believe this is more equitable because as you have more land area that requires more work for the city in terms of that draining. This is important for flood control and erosion and things along those lines that we can stay ahead of that kind of thing. So it will have more of an impact on commercial users.”

Schickel says despite the rate increase, rates are lower when compared to other cities Mason City’s size. “The main thing to remember is that our rates remain very competitive and well below the average for comparable cities of our size.”

The second reading of the ordinances making the sanitary and storm sewer rate adjustments is scheduled for the council’s next meeting on May 21st.

Schickel made his comments on the “Ask the Mayor” program on AM-1300 KGLO earlier today. Listen back to the program via the audio player below


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