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Kanawha cleans up after storm

KANAWHA — Clean-up continues in several north-central Iowa communities after Tuesday night’s severe storms.

Residents in Kanawha in Hancock County have returned back to a somewhat normal life after a tornado moved through the area. The tornado damaged trees roofs and garages in the city and surrounding area. Police Chief D. J. Martinez says that the cleanup has gone well. Most of the damage was tree limbs that littered the area.  “We had a bunch of volunteers come in yesterday and help with everything.  We loaded everything up and hauled it out to the north end of town to the trucking location, just to get everything out of the way,” he says.

Forecasters at the National Weather Service continually updated the track of the storm and issued warnings once trained spotters assessed the situation. Martinez says that was extremely helpful. “I think everybody was pretty well informed the night of and they did a good job with everything on Facebook, radio stations, and everything, keeping people aware of what was coming,” Martinez says. “Obviously, we thought it was gonna miss us but it ended up coming back. So I thought everything else went pretty well and afterward everybody was ready to be helpful. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s a little too helpful right at the time of the incident, but the next day it went awesome.”

Martinez says Kanawha residents got help picking up the pieces after the storm from several neighboring communities. 

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