DES MOINES — The Iowa Department of Revenue has updated its website and public information officer John Fuller says they are hoping it has made it easier find what you want.

“I think the biggest difference is we’ve always had a website where there is a lot of information on there — but it was very difficult to find and access,” he says, “an I think our new website is better organized and it is a little simpler to navigate through. I think it will be helpful for people who need to find information about their tax.”

He says the frequently asked questions feature should be one place where you can quickly find an answer. “They can go to that page and kind of search by topic. The whole website’s search engine is improved over what it was before — so I think it is just easier to find what they are looking for to get their questions answered,” Fuller says.

That improvement should be especially helpful in find forms. “One of the search mechanisms that we’ve improved is the search to find the right form,” Fuller says. “You had to pretty much know exactly what you were looking for before. And now you can type keywords in and get the form you are looking for — because there’s a lot of forms out there.”

The most sought after information may be when the results of the processed return will show up in you bank account.
“We do have a part of the site called ‘where’s my refund’ where you can get in and find out if we’ve received your return, have we mailed your refund yet,” Fuller says.

The new website uses the same address as the old one and can be found at:

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