DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa Court of Appeals has set a date for arguments in a lawsuit that challenges a law giving the governor more power over the selection of supreme court and appeals court judges.

Chief Judge Thomas Bower says in an order signed last week that the court will hear arguments on Nov. 6.

Lawyer Bob Rush, a former Democratic state senator who is one of the plaintiffs, asked that Gov. Kim Reynolds’ most recent appointment to the court, Judge Julie Schumacher, recuse herself because the validity of her appointment could be affected by the outcome.

Bower rejected the recusal request and a request for a full court hearing. He says he and four other judges will hear the case on an expedited basis.

The lawsuit alleges the law is an unconstitutional infringement by the legislative branch of the judicial branch and violates a state law requiring bills to center on one topic and clearly state a purpose.