Iowa Association of Business and Industry has goals for legislators heading into 2020 session

DES MOINES — The Iowa General Assembly gavels back into session on Monday. J. D. Davis of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry says his organization will continue to support workforce development, but on an even more focused basis. “Where we’ve had the big push is to try to figure out how to do that. Now we’re finding, okay, in this part of the state, we’ve experienced a problem with childcare. People want to work, but it’s expensive and it’s rare to get child care. How do we solve that? Problems with housing for workers. Our members are telling us they could be more successful if they had more people. It’s a wonderful problem to be working on.”

Nicole Crain of the Iowa ABI notes how important it is for voters to connect with their representatives during a legislative session.  “We can’t stress enough the importance of contacting your legislator, whether you are the general public or a business owner, and also keeping them engaged and letting them know what’s important to you as their constituent. It’s always important for those individuals who are back home in the district to share their priorities with their legislator, because that’s really how legislation gets pushed forward, and how it gets to the governor’s desk, and ultimately signed and put into law.”

You can hear more from Davis and Crain about the upcoming legislative session on the “Iowa Business Report”, which airs on Sunday morning at 7:06 on AM-1300 KGLO.