DES MOINES — Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is applauding the tentative trade deal reached between the U-S and Japan, calling it a very “welcome development.”  Grassley says, “It arrives at a time when farmers are hurting, in need of new market access opportunities and a chance to compete on a level playing field with agriculture all over the globe.”

Strengthening ties with Japan, Grassley says, will help to also strengthen the United States’ position while negotiating with China. While only an overview of the agreement with Japan was released by the White House last weekend, Grassley says what he’s heard so far is very encouraging. Grassley says, “Gaining agricultural market access to the world’s third-largest economy is a big win for President Trump, Iowa farmers and agriculture generally.”

It’s possible, according to Grassley, the agreement can be signed without Congressional approval. He calls it “very positive news” and a “significant step” toward securing a comprehensive trade agreement with Japan which he says could benefit all sectors of the U-S economy. ”  Grassley says, “It appears that the Japanese have agreed to provide new access for U.S. dairy, pork, ethanol, beef, wine and wheat in return for the elimination of U.S. tariffs on industrial goods.”

The agreement is expected to be signed at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in late September.