WASHINGTON — Fourth District Congressman, Randy Feenstra, says his constituents are concerned about the country’s economic situation.

“Tell you what, the number one thing I’m hearing right now is the economy and the national debt which is causing inflation. Obviously, people want to buy a house we’re at eight percent interest rate and CBS reported medical costs families an extra $11,400 a year to live,” Feenstra says. “Just shows you that inflation has really pushed and really made it made it a struggle for families who are living paycheck to paycheck.”

He says high interest rates are also making it tough on businesses. “When it comes to somebody that wants to grow their business or their farm operation, when you have that high interest rate that becomes very significant. And that’s putting a lot of pressure on people just saying ‘you know I’m going to hold off I’m not going to build,’ and we’re worried about that economy when it goes up goes down that path,” he says.

Feenstra, a Republican from Hull, says mounting credit card debt is another issue.  “Americans have accrued over one trillion dollars of credit card debt,” Feenstra says. “You know people have lived pretty well the last several years and now that you run out of money you start putting on a credit card that’s very dangerous.”

Feenstra says Congress needs to find a way to balance the federal budget and the Biden Administration needs to stop increasing spending. He says without changes the federal debt will continue to climb and that means we need more taxpayer dollars to fund the interest of our debt.

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