Delaney bus tour makes stops in small town Iowa

DOON — Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney embarked on a bus tour of the state this weekend, with at least 30 more stops planned this month, including a few very small Iowa towns.

“All the economic opportunities are in a couple of big cities and we need someone to really fight for these towns,” Delaney said this weekend.

Delaney, a former Maryland congressman, has been running for president since mid-2017. He told a crowd in Doon that rural America has often been ignored.

“If you caucus for me and I do better in the Iowa caucus than people expect, I promise you on national television, I’ll stand and look at those cameras and say: ‘Listen, you know why I did well? It’s ’cause rural America voted for me. And you know why rural America voted for me? Because I actually have plans for rural America.”

Delaney’s infrastructure plan, for example, would give more money to struggling communities over larger cities. Joe Munoz said he’ll caucus for Delaney.

“This country is so separated, we need to work together,” Munoz said. “And he seems like the person that wants to work together and can get the job done.”

Doon had a population of fewer than 600 in the 2010 Census and is located in northwest Iowa’s Lyon County. A couple of Republicans at the restaurant in Doon challenged Delaney on the issue of abortion. Delaney replied that he supports a woman’s right to choose.