LAKE MILLS — A Thompson man has been placed on probation after receiving a deferred judgment in a case where he hosted a drug party for high school students.

18-year-old Jose DeLeon Junior was arrested on February 20th after Winnebago County authorities investigated why a number of Lake Mills students were missing school on that day. Authorities say they received a report of five juveniles smoking marijuana at a Lake Mills apartment where DeLeon was, with the authorities saying they found LSD, marijuana and several juveniles upon further investigation.

DeLeon pleaded guilty to: use of a minor in the drug trade; possession of MDMA, also known as “molly”, with the intent to deliver; and possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver.

District Judge Colleen Weiland issued the deferred judgment late last week, placing him on up to five years probation and issuing a civil penalty of $750. If DeLeon successfully completes his probation, the conviction will be removed from his record.