The actor who starred in a classic baseball movie based in Iowa came to the state Sunday to make a political pitch for presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

Kevin Costner indirectly mentioned The Field of Dreams. “This has been a really sweet place for me, this state.” Costner, instead, started by telling a crowd of more than 12-hundred in Indianola that he’s a registered independent. “Neither party owns my vote. They don’t get it automatically,” Costner said, to applause. Costner said in ordinary times, he’d just cast his vote and go back to work, but Costner said he’s worried we’ve become a nation in perpetual crisis. “Moral courage speaks with a certain clarity,” Costner said. “…It’s our job to listen and not get fooled.” Costner never mentioned President Trump during his 12-minute speech. Costner didn’t say the last name of the candidate he’s endorsed, either, merely referring to him as “Pete.” “He won’t compete to be the loudest. I won’t see his arms flapping,”

Costner said and murmurs rose from the crowd, “…and he doesn’t have to yell.” Costner closed by saying every four years Americans get a chance to hold the course or demand something better.

“That power, that awesome responsibility originates here on the ground in Iowa. What you do with your vote is to put those first seeds in the ground and see what grows next year,” Costner said. “There’s a chance to come out of Iowa with a path lit and the way cleared toward a future that we are done waiting for…It wouldn’t be my place to tell you what to do with this chance. I just want to invite you to listen with me and see if you hear what I hear.”

There are just six weeks left before Iowans head to the February 3rd Caucuses and Costner’s Sunday afternoon endorsement event comes as candidates compete for attention over the holidays. Olympic gold medalist Michele Kwan was here last weekend on behalf of Joe Biden and two weeks ago movie star Rosario Dawson was here to campaign with her boyfriend Cory Booker.