CLEAR LAKE — The Clear Lake City Council tonight will review a letter of intent with the Clear Lake Community School District on the proposed wellness and recreation center project.

The letter of intent says both entities agree to work in good faith towards a formal partnership and/or sharing agreement related to the center that would mutually benefit the citizens and residents of Clear Lake.

If voters approve a $17 million bond issue for the project on March 3rd, the city and school district would work together to execute a 28E sharing agreement where the school would own the center and lease it to the city for at least a 25-year period. The city would be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the center with the school having priority usage for practice times, educational courses or programs, and special events.

The school district would lead the design and construction phase and be the lead financing entity for the project. The city would authorize the issuance of a general obligation bond not to exceed $700,000 as well as a general fund contribution not to exceed $300,000 toward the project.

After tonight’s review, the council will likely vote on the letter of intent at their December 16th meeting.

The council meets tonight at 6 o’clock at Clear Lake City Hall.