CLEAR LAKE — The Clear Lake City Council tonight will consider the purchase of a roadway ice breaker as part of the city’s snow removal operations.

City Administrator Scott Flory says in a memo to the council that the city has recently explored purchasing mechanical ice breaking equipment as an alternative for reducing or eliminating the use of salt and sand as a primary de-icing agent on specified streets and routes, especially in the watershed.

He says in the colder months of January and February, salt is far less effective due to the air and pavement temperatures. The ice breaker would be mounted to the front of an end-loader and be used strategically in the community.

Flory says after soliciting multiple quotes, he recommends purchasing a roadway ice breaker from Ultramech of Loveland Colorado in the amount of $33,680 plus freight.

The city council meets at 6 o’clock tonight at City Hall.