CLEAR LAKE — Voters in the Clear Lake and Charles City school districts will not only be voting for school board candidates today, they’ll also be asked to give their approval to revenue purpose statements.

Clear Lake superintendent Doug Gee says all it does is extend what the school district currently has until after 2031.  “It doesn’t even take effect until 2031, but we wanted to get out of the way. It’s the same statement that we already have, and so it’s not changing anything. There’s been other districts in a state that have already put theirs up, and they’ve passed by over 80%. It doesn’t have anything to do with the tax rate, it’s just extending our sales tax revenue purpose statement.”

Gee says it’s an important thing that needs to be passed for the future of the school district.  “Very much so, because if we did want to do something with our SAVE,  which we’ve done with our preschool, with our band room, and some of those things, and we wanted to bond beyond that 2031, we need to have that passed. It’s just something we wanted to get out of the way and so it’s done, and we have the ability to do that.”

Two other school districts will have ballot questions for voters to decide on:


== Belmond-Klemme voters are being asked if the seven school board seats should be changed from the current make-up of two at-large directors and five directors from separate director districts to seven at-large members vote on by the entire district. 


== Osage voters are deciding on a Physical Plant and Equipment Levy question on whether to continue the levy up to a maximum $1.34 per $1000 assessed valuation blended with an income surtax over the next ten years.