Cerro Gordo supervisors to consider Compensation Board recommendation for elected officials pay

MASON CITY — The Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will consider approving the recommendation by the county’s Compensation Board that the county’s elected officials should get a two-and-three-quarters percent pay raise in the next fiscal year that starts in July.  It would be equal to what the board recommended last year and slightly higher than the two percent recommendation the year before.

The supervisors have the choice of accepting the Compensation Board’s recommendations or they can approve a lower percentage of a raise. The supervisors are not allowed by law to approve anything higher than the board’s recommendation, but they can freeze or cut their own pay.

When the Compensation Board met in December, supervisor Chris Watts told KGLO News that he would recommend that the supervisors have their pay frozen for the upcoming fiscal year. .

The supervisors will also consider approving funding requests from organizations outside of the county government for the next fiscal year

The supervisors meet at 10 o’clock in the board room on the first floor of the Cerro Gordo County Courthouse.