MASON CITY — On the heels of the county’s Department of Public Health announcing they have a new permanent location, the Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors today approved two lease agreements for county agencies with Tierney South LLC.

The county’s director of administrative services Tom Meyer says one of the leases deals with County Social Services moving to the old Curries Manufacturing office building at 525 9th Southeast.   “Currently they are in the building where Cerro Gordo Abstract and the Heiny Law Firm are in.  Their lease expires November 30th of this year.  They are going to move into the old Curries which Mr. Tierney is rehabbing and updating for them. Their current lease amount is $3562 a month. Their new lease amount will be $3350 a month, and it will be a five year lease.”

The other lease is for Juvenile Court Services, as they’ll be moving into the space currently occupied by County Social Services at 3 4th Northeast. Juvenile Court Services was forced to move out of Mohawk Square in May after a roof collapse due to severe storms closing that building for a period of time.  “When the roof collapse took place, JCS was paying $3336 a month. The rent at the new facility will be $3300 a month, that again will be a five-year lease. The lease expires November 30th. Hopefully we have CSS transferred over there by around October 1st, just depending on how long the building remodel takes. We have a provision in here that the lease will end early, a month or two, depending on when the moves correspond.”

The supervisors unanimously approved the leases. On Monday, the county’s Department of Public Health announced that they will be moving next week into the old Purdue University and Kaplan location at 2570 4th Southwest next to Hobby Lobby.