Cerro Gordo County Democrats to have mock caucus Tuesday night

MASON CITY — Cerro Gordo County Democrats will have an opportunity to participate in a mock caucus Tuesday night ahead of next Monday’s event.

County caucus committee chair Kris Urdahl says it will be a chance for people to go through what happens on caucus night.  “What we’re looking at doing is going ahead and running through the exact caucus night format and agenda, just to go ahead and give everybody a true idea of what they can anticipate, and with some of the changes that we have in the caucuses this year how that will flow. That is the main intent, it’s just kind of like a dry run for actual caucus night.”

Urdahl says the mock caucus will be a big help for those working at the caucus sites on Monday night.  “This is also a good opportunity for our chairs and our secretaries to go ahead and get a chance to walk through this process before that evening when they’re sitting there with a room full of people. Consequently this is good for our chairs are secretaries that have agreed to volunteer to run these caucuses in each of our precincts to give them an opportunity to see how this will all flow.”

Urdahl says while it’s a practice run for caucus workers, it’s also an opportunity for those who have never participated in a caucus before.  “It is a good opportunity to go ahead and see how the process will work. It’s also our central committee meeting along with that. We’re going to just touch on a few couple of items as far as business that we need to clean up.”) 

The mock caucus takes place Tuesday night starting at 7 o’clock at St. John’s Episcopal Church at 120 1st Northeast in Mason City.

To find your caucus site on Monday night, click on this link to find a caucus location lookup website.