Legal sports betting in Iowa will begin for the first time Thursday at noon. One of the concerns is keeping people under the age of 21 from betting. Iowa Racing and Gaming Administrator, Brian Ohorilko, says that’s one of the things the casinos will be charged with handling.

“Part of the controls in place requires the operator to have ‘know your customer’ controls,” Ohorilko says. Most casinos are partnering with wagering companies that have experience in the sports gambling business. You have to come into a casino and sign up for an account, and Ohorilko says that’s where the various measures will be used to check your age.

“They vary depending on the advanced deposit sports wagering operator,” Ohorilko says. “But most of the operators are using some sort of credit verification. They’ll use government data bases, private companies that have access to multiple information sites that they can identify someone’s age.” He says it is possible they may have to take it a step further.

“If those ages are not easily identified through online sources — then those customers may be asked to provide additional information — or send in copies of their identification or proof of residency. So, it’s really a tiered approach to identify individuals to ensure that they are 21,” according to Ohorilko. The casinos will offer in house wagering — but the majority of the sports bets are expected to be placed through their online apps. Ohorilko says that’s one area where minors might try to sneak through.

“What will be difficult will be if you have a willing adult that has an account and they give that account information to someone who is under 21. That is something that cannot be easily detected,” Ohorilko says. Eighteen of the 19 state-licensed casinos have been approved for sports gambling licenses.