WEBSTER CITY — Democratic presidential candidate Steve Bullock says until the recent revelations about President Trump’s call with Ukraine’s president, he was hesitant to support an impeachment inquiry.

“I sure want to make, you know, this next 15 months about folks in Iowa and around the country believing government can work better for them,” Bullock says.

But Bullock says Trump crossed a line by asking a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent.

“I think this is even bigger than this election,” Bullock says. “…I don’t think that we can just stand idly by as he takes these steps.”

Bullock is also critical of Trump’s decision to give Turkey’s president the go-ahead to invade sector of Syria controlled by our Kurdish allies.

“When a president can get off of one phone call and sort of do a 180, I think it makes all of us less safe in the world,” Bullock says. B

ullock, who is the governor of Montana, is among the handful of presidential candidates scheduled to campaign in Iowa this weekend.