BOWS of SUPPORT for MercyOne Employees

MASON CITY, IOWA – Main Street Mason City and the Mason City Jaycees are banding together to show their support for all of those working on the front lines. To thank our medical staff and support teams for all their hard work, dedication, and commitment to keeping everyone safe. 

These people are working day in and day out to ensure the safety and well-being of all of us. They are our neighbors, our relatives, and our friends. Let’s give them the biggest, brightest show of support and thanks by painting the town LIME GREEN! 

As our way of saying ‘thanks’ you will soon see lime green bows adorning the trees, light posts and benches around City Park and the entire MercyOne campus in Mason City. These bows signify so many things for our community. The strength, commitment, and dedication of MercyOne employees and staff, but mostly the thanks and appreciation from all of us, to them. 

Each employee will be given a length of the ribbon to use at their home as well. Scattered across Mason City and many of the surrounding communities throughout North Iowa, these lime green bows will tie us together, creating one cohesive unit of solidarity for all of those putting themselves at risk during this pandemic. 

MercyOne is an integral part of our community and the whole region of North Iowa, so let’s light them up! 

Be on the lookout for these lime green bows and more information how you, too, can be involved in showing your support.