MASON CITY — “Blackout” plates are once again available at the Cerro Gordo County Treasurer’s Office.

County Treasurer Patricia Wright says another 200 of the generic version of the plates have arrived in her office. Cerro Gordo County residents wishing to purchase a set of “Blackout” plates must bring their existing plate and registration into the office, along with $35, and the office will issue a new registration that will correspond with the new plate. Wright says the allotment of plates are available on a first-come, first-served basis with no reservations. 

The Iowa Legislature earlier this year passed a bill creating the new “blackout” plate, which is all black with white lettering. Lawmakers found that people were ordering personalized Dordt College license plates that featured the black with white letters and then covering the Dordt references. The Iowa Department of Transportation started offering personalized “Blackout” plates in July, with about 9000 being sold in the first two months. The DOT then decided to start offering generic versions of the plates statewide at the start of September.

Cerro Gordo County’s initial allotment of 100 generic “Blackout” plates were sold in just a few days.

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