Bitter cold schedules a short visit in Iowa

MASON CITY — The National Weather Service is predicting a polar plunge for temperatures later today.

Meteorologist Cory Martin says it’ll be a big swing by the time you are heading home from work. “We’re going to see a strong cold front move through the state, probably during the afternoon and evening hours,” Martin says. “So the day is probably going to start out not too bad — but then when the front comes through we’re going to see temperatures dropping very quickly — with brisk northwest winds.”

Those brisk winds are really going to have an impact. “Our windchill temperatures overnight Wednesday will possibly be 20 to 30 below zero by the time you wake up Thursday morning,” he says. Martin says we shouldn’t have to deal with the extreme cold for very long.

“By Friday we should start to see a steady rebound, and by the time we get into the weekend, we’re looking at high temperatures across the area back in the 30’s and 40s,” according to Martin. He says these types of quick cold fronts happen this time of year and it could bring some issues for people who have to be on the road.

“It’s typical for this time of year, just rolling through. We may see some light snow with it as well that could lead to some areas of slick travel and reduced visibility — especially given how fast the temperatures are looking to fall as the front moves through,” Martin says. “So, that is something to keep in mind as well if you have travel plans over the second half of the day on Wednesday.”

He advises you to keep up with the latest weather forecasts and road conditions if you plan on being out.