OSKALOOSA — Former Vice President Joe Biden has unveiled a plan to provide additional government support veterans and their families. Speaking at a town hall in Oskaloosa on Veterans Day, the democratic presidential candidate said he wants to keep the VA as the primary outlet for veterans to get their health care.

“The VA has more specialized knowledge about the kinds of health problems that veterans have,” Biden said, “from needing prostheses to mental and physical concerns that, in fact, are unique to having served in the military.”

For example, Biden said today there may be a link from the toxic fumes from fires that burned garbage at U.S. bases in Iraq and his son’s brain cancer. Beau Biden served in Iraq and died of brain cancer in May of 2015. Biden also told the crowd in Oskaloosa he’d take steps as president to hire more personnel for V-A medical centers around the country.

“We have a responsibility, in my view, to ensure that we’re providing veterans with world class health care…the world class health care they deserve,” Biden said, “and that means hiring doctors and medical professionals.”

Following his appearance in Oskaloosa, Biden took part in a CNN Town Hall at Grinnell College. Biden defended his recent critique of what he called the “my-way-or-the-highway attitude” of others about Medicare for All.

“I wasn’t talking about (Elizabeth Warren). I was talking about the attitude that, ‘If you don’t agree with me, get in the other party,’” Biden said. “I’m more of a democrat to my shoe soles to my ears than anybody in this party.”

CNN host Erin Burnett asked:  “Including her?”

Biden replied: “Including everybody, ok?”

Biden said he doesn’t support Medicare for All because the costs are too high and it would take too long to transition to a universal health care system.