Alternate Side Parking/Emergency Snow Route in effect until further notice

Alternate Side Parking/Emergency Snow Route in effect until further notice.

Check the status of the Alternate Side Parking Snow Ordinance and Emergency Snow Route by calling (641) 424-7188 anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Title 9, Chapter 10A of the City Code outlines the provisions of the snow parking ordinance. Alternate side parking is in effect when designated by the City Administrator. The City administrator may suspend the ordinance at his discretion. When alternate side parking is in effect, it is unlawful for any person to park, abandon, or leave unattended any vehicle on any street or alley in violation of the following provisions:

Parking shall be prohibited on the odd numbered side of the street after 7 pm on an odd numbered day until 4 pm the following even numbered day.

Parking shall be prohibited on the even numbered side of the street after 7 pm on an even numbered day until 4 pm the following odd numbered day.

The changeover period shall be between the hours of four o’clock (4:00) p.m. and seven o’clock (7:00) p.m. of each day.

On Saturday, parking is allowed is allowed on both sides of the streets from 4 – 10 pm. On Sunday,  parking is allowed is allowed on both sides of the streets from 6 am – 1 pm and again from 4 pm – 7 pm. On Christmas Eve, parking is allowed on both sides of the streets from 4 pm – 1 am.

On cul-de-sacs bearing consecutive street numbers, parking is prohibited according to the schedule for the street side to which it connects.

During alternate side parking, signs prohibiting parking at all times on one entire side of the street only shall not be enforced and alternate side parking regulations shall be in effect.

Nothing contained in this section shall be construed to permit parking on streets where parking is prohibited on both sides at all times or during specified hours nor permit parking in areas where parking is otherwise prohibited at all times except as permitted herein.

This article shall not apply to Highway 122, and U.S. Highway 65, south of Eighth Street South and Fifth Street North, nor to the business district. The “business district” is defined as that area bounded by and including all streets which lie between Connecticut Ave on the east , Jefferson Ave on the west, Fourth Street South on the south and Fifth Street North on the north.


  • During normal business hours, parking shall be permitted within one hundred feet of the main entrance (front door) of a commercial business location on the side adjacent.
  • Alternate parking shall not apply to streets designated as emergency snow routes. 1st Street Northwest between Monroe Ave to Pierce Ave is currently designated as an emergency snow route.



First Street NW from Monroe Avenue to Pierce Avenue has been designated as an Emergency Snow Route. The designation requires the removal of all cars from the street until such time the ‘Emergency Snow Route’ is lifted. The elimination of the cars on this street will allow the plows to clear this street curb to curb immediately after a snow event.

This street was selected since it is a narrow street with high volumes of traffic which leads to problems not seen on low volume streets. When the residents park on the north side of the street, they are parking in the lane people drive when heading westbound. It is unexpected for drivers that are used to traveling this road to see a car in their lane.

City staff will use several means to notify residents of the status of the Emergency Snow Route designation on this roadway:

*Local media outlets

*The City’s website at

*Facebook posts (CityOfMasonCity)

*Twitter feeds (masoncityiowa)

*24 hour telephone recording system (641) 424-7188

Other streets may be designated Emergency Snow Routes in the future as staff determines the need.